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AL Ride on Car Bee 7625

Ride on car from "Baby Mix" is designed for individually moving children. The shape and form perfectly develop motor actions in advanced stage of science the legwork.
Ride on car is made of the best quality materials. This toy is available in many colors. It is very stable and totally safe. It has comfortable seat with back and musical steering wheel. The locker under seat permits on hiding of many necessary trinkets.

Ride on car has many functions and brings much fun. The child can ride on it, push it and play with music.
Press-button for whistle is fitted on the steering wheel. It will utter melodious sounds well.
The steering wheel turns freely. This ensures the smooth maneuvering of the car. It helps tap intelligence of children.
There is a toy storage under the cushion for storing some of your cute little toys.
Being of four wheels, hard and safe bodywork as well as its flexible steering performances, it is bound to contribute to the healthy growing of your baby.

Not suitable for children above 36 months and weight over 27 kg.
Battery 3x "AA" not included to the product.


28,00 €

35,85 €

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Размер 60x30x47 cm
Возраст 1-2 лет

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